Making better energy decisions is easy and impactful. Simply upgrading your current lights or switching to a renewable energy source can reduce inefficiencies and boost value for your company.


Colite Technologies offers energy and lighting solutions to help you make the best choice for your facility. Our solutions leverage the latest technology to provide reliable and long-lasting alternatives to familiar problems.

Sustainable energy investments not only save your company time and money, they also support the transition to a cleaner, more efficient future for industries all over the map. 


Colite Technologies product offering

Off-grid Renewable Lighting |  Eliminates the need for traditional wiring and electrical connections, providing renewable, self-sustaining energy for the lifetime of each product.  

Our Renewable Lighting Systems are powered by solar and wind energy, include battery storage, and can be customized to meet your needs. These eye-catching structures have been installed all over the world, from here in the United States to the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and as far as Australia. 

LED Retrofitting Programs | Modernizes businesses with interior and exterior LED lighting that offer significant energy cost savings, reduce environmental impact, and enhance the safety and security of their facility.

LEDs, or light emitting diodes, are brighter and three times more efficient than common metal halide light bulbs. Replacing your old lights with LEDs will decrease energy usage, improve visibility, and are often eligible for financial incentives from your local utility provider.

Commercial Solar Systems | Optimizes the space on and around commercial facilities to power operations with solar energy, resulting in more sustainable and localized electricity. 

Sunlight is one of the most abundant power sources out there and it's easy to capture. Rooftop systems are minimally invasive and utilize existing space, which means a smooth and painless switch for you. Additionally, there are many different financing options for solar projects like these and significant tax incentives that can help bring down costs and boost your return on investment. 

Off-grid Renewable Power Solutions | Generate and store power wherever you need it without relying on utility connections.

Solar, wind, and battery storage technology combine to create a reliable system of power that can be used in many different applications. From remote areas to city centers with difficult electric grid layouts, we can find a sustainable solution that works for you. 


Sandy Run Industrial Park

Scope: (24) single light solar only renewable lighting systems

Hammond School

Scope: (2) single light full hybrid renewable lighting systems with custom combined ornamental and vinyl banner