HiVAWT DS wind turbine series

The DS Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) series delivers reliable off-grid or grid-tied power for a wide range of applications. It harnesses wind energy to generate electricity and provide clean power for individuals and communities ready to make the switch to renewable energy. While the horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) is more common, the VAWT has unique advantages due to its design.

Colite Technologies partners with HiVAWT Technology Corporation, established in 2005 in Taiwan, as a US distributor of the DS wind turbine series. These turbines have been meticulously designed and tested to solve key challenges of HAWTs, offering high performance and longevity. The series includes the DS-300 rated at 300 watts, the DS-700 rated at 700 watts, the DS-1500 rated at 1.5 kW, and the DS-3000 rated at 3 kW. The DS-3000 is certified by the Small Wind Certification Council and is eligible for federal and state renewable energy incentives.

vertical axis wind turbines installed in South Korea

Turbine Performance

  • Reliable & consistent performance under most wind conditions

  • Rated wind speed 12 m/s (26.8 mph)

  • ​Cut in wind speed less than 3 m/s (6.7 mph)
  • ​Destructive testing up to 60 m/s (134 mph)

  • Auto-brake at 54 kph (34 mph)

  • Low noise - less than 40 dBA at full speed

Turbine Design

  • DS name comes from the combined Darrieus and Savonius designs  

    • Darrieus: egg beater-like blades on the outside

    • Savonius: S-shaped cylinders in the center

  • Vertical axis design eliminates pitch & yaw components 

    • Can capture wind from any direction​
    • Lower cut-in wind speed than traditional horizontal axis wind turbines

  • Low maintenance and long-lasting​

The DS wind turbines can be implemented in many different settings to provide supplemental energy. From wind farms to singular power needs, the turbines can help offset on-grid electricity use or supply off-grid electricity in remote areas. We have operating units all over Asia, the United States, and even at the South Pole, showcasing their versatility in diverse climates.


Colite Technologies' Full Hybrid Renewable Lighting Systems feature a DS-300 wind turbine at the top of the unit. Not only is it an eye-catching element, the additional source of energy increases reliability of the system and ensures uninterrupted power for each customer. Its multi-faceted function boosts the overall value of the renewable lighting systems and sparks conversations about the uses of renewable energy technology.

Interested in learning more? Contact us for technical specification sheets and an analysis of your potential project.

The DS-3000 wind turbine is certified by the Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC) and meets performance standards of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). It has been independently tested for safety, function, performance, and durability, enabling easier consumer comparison of small wind turbine products on the market. It is the only vertical axis wind turbine to be certified in America.

The DS-3000 is eligible for federal and state tax incentives, which can potentially reduce project costs for customers and increase return on investment.

Small Wind Certification Council Seal
vertical axis wind turbine installed at the South Pole
vertical axis wind turbine farm
DS vertical axis wind turbines