HiVAWT DS-3000 Wind Turbine

The DS-3000 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) delivers reliable off-grid or grid-tied power for a wide range of applications. It harnesses wind energy to generate electricity and provide clean power for individuals and communities ready to make the switch to renewable energy.

The DS-3000 offers:

  • A unique & attractive look

  • Reliable & consistent performance under most wind conditions

  • Efficient & effective uni-directional design

    • Eliminates pitch & yaw systems 

    • Low maintenance

    • Low noise

Turbine Design and Performance

  • Kick-in windspeed of 3m/s (6.7mph)

  • Rated power at 12m/s (26.8mph)

  • Validated and certified performance power curve

  • Acoustically tested at full speed less than 40dBA

  • Destructive testing up to 60m/s (134mph)

  • Auto-brake at 54kph (34mph)

  • Extensive structural and endurance testing

Energy independence​

  • These systems allow for greater energy independence by delivering all or part of your total electricity needs without relying on a utility provider.

  • They can be combined with solar to ​optimize energy production throughout the year and backup battery storage or grid connection can ensure reliability. 

This turbine is certified by the Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC) and meets performance standards of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). It has been tested for safety, function, performance, and durability, enabling easier consumer comparison of small wind turbine products on the market.

The DS-3000 is eligible for federal and state tax incentives, which can potentially reduce project costs for customers and increase return on investment.


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