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Completed Projects

LED Retrofits

Country Club in Columbia, South Carolina

The full retrofit of this country club's facility from metal-halide technology to LED is still in progress. So far, the tennis courts have been completed.

For 60 fixtures, they will receive  $16,401 in rebates from South Carolina Electric and Gas and expect to save $4,566 annually on energy costs. Furthermore, with minimal operation hours, their payback period for this investment is an impressive 3 to 3.5 years.

MUV Fitness

MUV Fitness replaced 30 of their outdated parking lot lights with new LED lights. The lot is now significantly brighter and the lights are much more efficient.

With immediate energy cost savings of $3,602 per year and rebates worth $3,108, the payback of this project is 1.54 years. Both management and customers are thrilled with the improved lighting and safety.

Lizard's Thicket

Retrofitting Lizard's Thicket's  primary downtown location involved a  comprehensive lighting upgrade from older 400W HID lamps to new 200W Colite-brand LED fixtures and poles in a traditional on-grid setup.

Their annual energy savings is estimated at 50% and the increased safety and curb appeal benefit both customers and employees.

Virginia Beach Field House

Virginia's premier indoor sports facility with over 175,000 square feet under its roof underwent a huge retrofit of 217 interior high bay fixtures and 29 exterior pole top parking lot fixtures. 

Simply because of the efficiency of LED lights, the facility is expected to reduce energy costs by over $21,000 and save an additional $5,000 in maintenance costs each year. The improved lighting will open up many more opportunities for the facility.

Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina

For this traditional on-grid setup, we replaced outdated metal-halide parking lot lighting with 100W Colite-brand LED fixtures.

Along with an estimated annual energy savings of 58%, they now have enhanced safety and curb appeal provided by bright, clean lighting.

Heathwood Hall

Retrofitting 27 outdated and inefficient UFO lighting fixtures with LED high-bay lighting in Heathwood Hall's school gymnasium supports athletic achievement. 

They will see immediate energy cost savings of $767 per year and receive just over $2,900 worth of rebates from their electric service provider. Accounting for limited usage of their gym, the payback of this project is 3.9 years. 


We retrofitted 18 458W Metal Halide high bay bulbs with 100W replacement LED "Corn Bulbs" at their Portland, OR facility.

They reduced their energy costs by 78% and will continuously save $2,800 annually in energy and maintenance costs following their 2 year payback period.