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Colite Technologies product overview

 The Colite Technologies team fuses industry and technical expertise to bring innovative ideas to life. Our fundamental understanding of the benefits of renewable energy helps us create viable, long-lasting solutions for various applications. From manufacturing to schools and retail, there are unlimited opportunities for renewable energy to play its part in a more sustainable society.

Based on the concept of distributed energy generation, our solutions help transform the current energy landscape to be more sustainable and resilient. Distributed energy generation systems are usually smaller systems that produce energy at or near the end user, partially or completely offsetting their energy use. They allow for greater energy independence and, as a result, decrease the demand for energy from large central generation plants and ease the pressure on aging grid infrastructure. 


Starting at energy use reduction, we offer a complete series of sustainable energy solutions to support the transition of your facility into a highly energy efficient and independent site. Our products incorporate the latest technology to give you the flexibility and resiliency you need, without the accompanying utility tether or carbon dioxide emissions of traditional electricity sources. 

As the cost of components continue to decline, you'll find that renewable energy alternatives are not so far out of reach after all. Making small changes today leads to significant savings in the future — for you and the planet.