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Completed Projects

Renewable Lighting Systems

South Carolina Research Authority

As a testament to their undertaking of further innovative research and development, SCRA has installed eleven full hybrid renewable lighting systems at their office park in Columbia, SC. 

This ongoing project is expected to replace all 36 of their current lights to our renewable lighting systems in multiple phases, continuing their push for environmental progress.

Hampton Inn & Suites - Key West

Taking advantage of the sunny weather and consistent ocean breeze, this Hampton Inn & Suites located in Key West, Florida installed three full hybrid renewable lighting systems to light up their property.

These units are rated to withstand the harsh weather of the Florida Keys and are off-grid, providing reliable lighting even if the power goes down.

Hammond School

Hammond ​School in Columbia, SC demonstrate their commitment to exploring emerging energy technologies and innovation with two full hybrid renewable lighting systems outside their new Innovation Center. 

These installations reduce power usage and provide improved brightness with zero environmental impact. They will also aid in students' educations,  inspiring the next generation of innovative leaders. 

Bluff Road Auto Sales

Bluff Road Auto Sales installed three full hybrid renewable lighting systems to highlight their first-rate business. The custom signage provides direction while inviting curiosity and new customers as well.

The lights stand out against the parking lot and are a distinctive demonstration of the client's commitment to safety and emerging energy technologies. 

Diversified Coatings Systems

With the upgrade of their parking lot lighting, Diversified Coatings Systems (DCS) installed two full hybrid renewable lighting systems and eight solar only renewable lighting systems. 


DCS's facility is now brighter, safer,  more visible, and uses much less energy. Ten systems avoid an astounding 33 metric tons of carbon emissions over 20 years by simply running on renewable energy.  

University of Alabama at Birmingham

UAB participated in the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition and designed a full-size, solar powered house. They installed three full hybrid renewable lighting systems around the house to provide lighting.

In line with the house, the units are powered by renewable energy and include custom signage for the university's sustainability division.  

Charleston Water System


Before the installation of this off-grid solar-powered lighting system, Charleston Water System lacked proper lighting in the back of their property for the night shift.

Now they have bright LED lighting and employees can complete their work  safely and accurately throughout the night. The system provides reliable lighting with little maintenance, giving management peace of mind. 

Clemson University Innovation Center

Clemson University is also advancing their research into sustainable energy solutions with our full hybrid renewable lighting system.

Our structure in Charleston, SC provides data that students and administrators can use to better understand the capacity of renewable energy, leading to a more sustainable future for all.

TTI Innovation Center


TTI's new innovation center in Anderson, SC will be the hub of developing breakthrough products and fostering talent. Their seven new full-hybrid renewable lighting systems light up the drive to welcome visitors and invite curiosity for new technologies. 

These self-sustaining structures  supplement the overall theme of innovation and require minimal maintenance and upkeep.

Clemson University

Clemson University recently expanded their on-campus parking and outfitted the new lot with three full hybrid renewable lighting systems to meet their safety and sustainability needs. 

The systems avoided costly extension of the electrical grid and seamlessly blend into the campus while still making a striking statement on the University's commitment to emerging energy technologies.

Vintage Oaks Private Community


Vintage Oaks is a private urban luxury housing community located in Simpsonville, South Carolina. They installed two full hybrid renewable lighting systems with beautiful signage at the entrance of the community.


The polished structures complement the upscale quality of the community and require minimal maintenance over the life time of the units.

Texas Flag Pole


Combining solar energy, battery storage, and a bright LED light, this system in Austin, Texas illuminates the flag pole throughout the night. It uses the same technology as our renewable lighting systems.

Like our renewable lights, it is completely off-grid and self sustaining. It requires no power from the utility company and provides reliable lighting for their specific situation.