full hybrid renewable light

These full hybrid renewable lighting systems combine green energy storage and branded signage for an off-grid lighting solution that helps companies reduce their carbon footprint while saving on energy costs.

A unique hybrid of wind power, solar power, and battery storage, each unit combines

  • a 300W vertical axis wind turbine,

  • a solar photo-voltaic (PV) panel, 

  • a high-output LED light fixture

  • a maintenance-free battery.

To ensure maximum performance, the turbine is engineered to auto-brake at

54 kph (34 mph) and has passed comprehensive destructive tests.

The result is a highly reliable off-grid lighting option for parking lots, walkways, business parks, and public areas, with the added benefit of Colite Technologies’ custom signage and dimming features.

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Full Hybrid Renewable Lighting Systems
SR 2

Perhaps your area has sufficient sunlight and a full hybrid system is not necessary for your lighting needs. Colite Technologies offers off-grid, solar only systems that use the same innovative technology as the full hybrid systems, reducing your company's environmental impact and energy costs as well. 

Each unit includes:

  • a solar photovoltaic panel,

  • a high-output LED light fixture, and

  • a maintenance-free battery. 

These systems are reliable and perfect for illuminating streets, parking lots, and pedestrian walkways. They can also be customized with dimming features and signage that offers limitless design, linking your name with renewable energy and environmental stewardship. 

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Solar Only Renewable Lighting Systems
renewable smart pole light

Powered by solar energy, the Renewable Smart Pole is completely off-grid and self-sustaining, which eliminates costly utility and infrastructure expenses. It makes a strong statement on sustainability while providing reliable power for various functions.

The innovative design can be customized for each location with features such as

  • HD security camera

  • bright LED lighting 

  • Wi-Fi connectivity

  • USB charging ports.

  • bench seating


These structures simultaneously provide recreational and environmental benefit, security, and connectivity enabling the system to deliver significant value to the bottom line and top of mind.

Renewable Smart Pole

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