Colite Technologies' Renewable Lighting Systems use clean, renewable energy to provide reliable lighting and power for various applications. Our off-grid and self-sustaining systems meet your unique lighting needs without the limitations of the traditional electric grid, offering greater energy independence and flexibility. They come equipped with motion sensors and dimming capabilities to optimize the systems' performance and ensure you're never in the dark. Rated to last for 25+ years, these durable systems are perfect for illuminating roadways, parking lots, and green spaces.

Full Hybrid Renewable Lighting Systems

A remarkable hybrid of wind power,  solar power, and battery storage, each 30ft unit combines:

  • a 300W vertical axis wind turbine

  • a solar photovoltaic (PV) panel

  • a high-output LED light fixture 

  • a maintenance-free battery

Solar Only Renewable Lighting Systems

These units are for the sunnier locations and use the same technology as our Full Hybrid systems. Each 30ft unit includes:

  • a solar photovoltaic (PV) panel

  • a high-output LED light fixture

  • a maintenance-free battery

Renewable Smart Pole Systems

A smaller cousin of the Full Hybrid and Solar Only Renewable Lighting Systems, the 12ft Renewable Smart Pole applies the same components of the Solar Only systems to a more recreational setting.


Our Renewable Lighting Systems don't just offer light, they can also be statement pieces for your property.

Their sleek, timeless look enhances your property for years to come and entices visitors to learn more about them. Optional custom features* such as branded signage, security camera surveillance, Wi-Fi connectivity, and recreational bench seating increase the lifelong value of your lighting systems and create a unique product.

*Certain features are only available for specific products. Please contact us if you have any questions about the optional features.

The Renewable Lighting Systems can be coupled with a Data Acquisition System (DAS) that is designed to gather real-time operating data from the unit to provide a comprehensive understanding of how the system is performing. It allows for direct  monitoring of various parameters on a real time basis either locally, through a computer connection directly to the controller, or remotely, through a WiFi or cellular communication network.

The DAS features:

  • production values and status indicators for the whole system

  • automatic notification of system faults and device status

  • ability to compare real production against benchmark values

  • ability to graph data and produce tables for comparative analysis

The DAS can help you maintain quality lighting and pinpoint any issues that may arise. Having this data can streamline communication between your maintenance team and quickly resolve the problem at hand.





30ft Renewable Lighting Systems

Branded Signage Options

The banners can be used to showcase your brand, promote an upcoming event, welcome a new customer, and offer wayfinding information. 

A: Combined curved and vinyl banner

B: Double vinyl banner 


C: Curved ACM banner


D: Curved ornamental banner


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