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Lighting Audits

To ensure you receive the best value for your LED retrofit and renewable lighting, we perform an audit of your site to determine your exact lighting needs. During the audit, we obtain the necessary specifications of your facility, including the number of light fixtures and current energy usage, to guarantee the utmost benefit.


We value quality aesthetics and functional designs for your lighting needs. Our design team works hard to provide the best combination of visually intriguing structures and ultimate utility, giving you the most return on your investment. Our designs help you jump to the forefront as a leader in sustainable energy commitment. 

Photometric Studies

Photometrics are a way to measure light and how it is detected by the human eye. For each lighting project, we create a realistic 3D rendition of your site and a calculation of illumination, measured in foot-candles. This gives your company an excellent visual and numerical model of what the site will look like with your new lighting. Contact us for more information or a sample study.

Rebate Research

There are many rebates and incentives offered on LED lighting and renewable energy by state and federal organizations, saving you money on your investment. Allow us to do the research and find the most rebates for your project, giving you more time to focus on how your company will further improve its operations. 


We understand that LED retrofitting and renewable lighting systems are significant investments. Therefore, we offer several financing options that can be adapted to your specific needs and allow you to carry on serving your customers while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

Installation & Maintenance

Our highly qualified engineers and technicians will be on-site to guide a smooth installation of your new lighting solutions. They will also be available to answer any questions you may have about the maintenance of your systems, and train your team in a specialized session to optimize the value of your investment. 

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