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Advanced research has spearheaded the creation of exceptional  lighting systems, providing further opportunities for sustainable business.



  • Completely self-sufficient

  • Powered by a solar AGM battery designed specifically for solar applications

  • No trenching or underground wiring


  • Can be removed from the foundation and reinstalled at another location

  • Main components can be easily removed for major storm threats

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines​ (DS-300)

  • Unique and attractive look; simple shipping and installation

  • Reliable and consistent performance with minimal wind speeds and any wind direction

  • Engineering

    • uni-directional design eliminates pitch & yaw systems

    • low maintenance and noise​

    • passed destructive tests at 60 m/s or 216 kph (134 mph)

    • auto-brake at 54 kph (34 mph)

Custom Signage Options

Branding our renewable lighting systems with custom signage offers additional value to your sustainable business investment.

We offer multiple types of signage that can be branded with your logo or serve as advertising space to bring additional revenue for your business.


  • Curved or rectangular ACM

  • Double vinyl

  • Combined

    • ACM and vinyl


  • Custom design or logo fabricated into the metal banner frame

Light Dimming

Our technology reduces needless energy consumption and optimizes required storage capacity.

Night Sensors and Motion Sensors

  • Fixtures use highly efficient LEDs (48W, 80W, 100W, 150W, 200W)

  • Sensors operate in a 40-foot range at a height of 30 feet​

  • Offers additional lighting capacity for increased security and visibility when needed, without needing to increase system storage

  • Operates normally in a dimmed state from 10% to 50%  

    • Any motion within range triggers sensors and output goes to 100%. 

    • When no motion for 30 consecutive seconds, output returns to dimmed state

Renewable Energy Tax Credits

Both federal and state tax credits for renewable energy are applicable to our  renewable lighting systems, saving your company money. 

Federal Tax Credits – on full installed structure cost

  • 30% until 12/31/19, then will drop to 26% until 12/31/20, 22% until 12/31/21, and 10% after that

  • Forms available on-line IRS 3468 Investment Credit 

    • The instruction form includes explanations for all potential credits 

    • A federal tax credit overview can be found on the DSIRE USA website


State Tax Credits - on full installed structure costs

  • Vary state by state; 37 different states currently offering incentives

    • Arizona, Hawaii, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Utah all offer a corporate tax credit, which can be compounded with the federal incentive

  • Sales tax credits and property tax incentives are the most common

  • Current individual state incentives information available at DSIRE USA

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