We are constantly innovating and developing better products for our customers and the future. These products are still mainly conceptual, but you can see our preliminary designs and processes here.

Mobile Surveillance Unit

The unit is perfect for areas that need temporary lighting and security-such as parking lots, festivals, and events that draw large crowds-but may have difficult access to a power supply. The solar panel captures sunlight and converts it into electricity to store in the battery for reliable power. Simply charge the battery during the day and use the lights and camera surveillance as you need it. 

All the components are contained on the trailer and move as one unit, making transportation headache-free. Additionally, the integration of technology ensures optimum performance and user friendliness. This complete system offers a sustainable alternative to traditional mobile generators and combines safety, simplicity, and performance.


Renewable Power Systems

This new concept utilizes a recycled shipping container and a system of wind turbines, solar panels, and battery storage to create a self-sustaining renewable power solution. The system is mobile and can be off-grid or grid-tied, offering flexible and reliable options for power generation. They are fitted with a control cabinet and battery bank, along with detachable vertical axis wind turbines and solar photovolatic panels. 


The renewable power systems are very versatile and can be used in many different applications for various purposes, including providing cost-efficient and sustainable off-grid power in hard-to-reach areas. 

Data Acquisition Systems (DAS)

A Data Acquisition System (DAS) is designed to gather real-time operating data from the system.  Combining this data with other non-operational data, such as weather statistics, allows for comprehensive understanding of how the system is performing and to pinpoint any operational issues. Our Data Acquisition System (DAS) will allow direct monitoring of various parameters on a real time basis, either locally, with a computer connection via USB directly to the controller, or remotely, through a Wi-Fi network or cellular communications.


Features of the DAS will include:

  • production values and status indicators for the whole system

  • ability to compare real production against benchmark values adjusted for available irradiance and wind speed

  • ability to graph data and produce tables for comparative analytics

  • automatic notification of system faults and device status

  • report generation for one hybrid system or set of systems

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